Seville Township Library

Patron Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Seville Township Library is bound by the Michigan Library Privacy Act (PA 455 of 1982) in which a “library record” is defined as a document, record, or other methods of storing information retained by the library that personally identifies a library patron. This includes: patron name, address email address, telephone number, or that identifies a person requesting, receiving, and using specific library materials. The Library Privacy Act provides that a “library record” may not be released or disclosed to any person with written consent of said person unless ordered by the court.

The Seville Township Library will not release or disclose a “library record” unless required to by law. The library, however, may use the “library record” for the purpose of retrieving overdue materials, collecting fines, and other library business permitted by law. Security footage is considered a “library record” and will be deleted daily that the record shows all local, state, and federal laws have been followed.