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Seville Township Library

Monthly Newsletter

Seville Township Library

August Newsletter


Summer Reading Bingo

This ends on Friday 14th August. Please make sure to put your completed sheet in the drop box outside the Library to be eligible for the prize drawings. Thank you :)

Limited Library Hours:

Mon-Tues: 10am-3pm Curbside and Appointments

Wed: 12pm-5pm Curbside and Appointments

Thu-Fri: 10am-3pm Appointments only

Please Call Ahead: 989 833 7776

Thank you!


We are currently hiring a new Director and a new Clerk. Application Deadline is Friday 14th August 2020. Please see our website for full details.


Do not forget to vote on Tuesday 4th August 2020. This will be at the Township Hall.

To Keep up to date, check out:


Twp Meeting- Wed 12th Aug 7pm

Twp Meeting- Wed 9th Sept 7pm

Twp Clean Up- Sat 12th Sept 8am-12pm

The Township has a new website: 

Library Staff:

Emma Erekson- Director

Isabelle Erekson- Clerk

Mara Winn- Clerk

Read by 4th on Twitter: ""One benefit of summer was that each day ...

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