Seville Township Library

Homebound Delivery Policy and Guidelines

Seville Township Library Homebound Delivery Policy

It is the policy of The Seville Township Library to provide homebound delivery of library materials based on these requirements: resident of Seville Township and are restricted to your home due to illness, disability, or related issues.

To qualify, an individual must:

  •  Reside in Seville Township and possesses a Seville Township Library card.
  • Submit an application
  • Forfeit their library card upon approval to participate in the Homebound Delivery Services (which will be held on file until the service is no longer needed).

The director will approve all applications and may require a participant to submit a new application to verify that the patron qualifies for this service.

Participants of the Homebound Delivery Service will be entitled to have library materials delivered provided that these guidelines are met:

  1. All borrowing and delivery must be made by appointment, with the program participant calling the library to make arrangements.

  2. Participants will be permitted to receive one delivery/pickup biweekly and the visit will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Additionally, deliveries may be scheduled at the library personnel’s discretion.

  3. Participants may borrow up to 20 items per delivery. Newly released DVDs will not be available for Homebound Delivery Services. Checkout limits on DVDs will remain at 5 per checkout. 

  4. Materials that have been borrowed should be ready for pick-up on or before the due date.

  5. Materials will be assigned a standard due date, but may be extended for longer at the discretion of the library employee.

  6. Materials will be delivered to the door, and no inside deliveries will be made. Deliveries may be cancelled if a library staff member deems it unsafe for them to continue the delivery (i.e.; dangerous animals on property, property looks unsafe, library staff member feel uncomfortable making the delivery).

  7. Material renewals must be made on the phone and will only be extended 1 additional week.