Seville Township Library

Digital Escape Rooms

Try and escape these fun "rooms".

We do not have the answers right now,  we are working on it! If you want to help us out, please write down your answers and email them to us! Thank you!

Alice in Wonderland: Easy

Have the answers! The last question is slightly more difficult.

Animal Adventure: Easy

Have the answers!

Asteroid Collision: Intermediate

Have the answers! To get the answer to question 1, you need to take the quiz.

Camouflage Caper: Easy

Have the answers!

Cinderella's Escape: Easy

Have the answers! Probably need paper and a pencil for the last question.

Dog Man: Easy

Have the answers!

Lions Den: Easy

Have the answers! NOTE: 2 number locks!

Famous Americans: Various

Have the answers to almost all! NOTE: Helen Keller has some missing pages, so try one or more of the others.

Harry Potter: Intermediate

Have the answers!

Hunger Games: Difficult

Do not have the answers, as I have been unable to complete it. Try it if you want, let me know if you get the answers :)

Looney Tunes: Difficult

Do not have the answers for this either. Feel free to try this, let me know if you get the answers :)

Marvel's Avengers- Escape from HYDRA: Intermediate

Have the answers!