Seville Township Library

Community Information

Seville Township Library serves the Seville and Sumner Township Areas. There are many active community foundations and municipal agencies that are integral to this community. 

Seville Township now has a website: 

Monthly Community Meetings:

Seville Township: Every second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM at the Seville Township Hall in Riverdale, MI

Sumner Township: Every second Thursday of the month at the Sumner Community Center in Sumner, MI.

ACT Group: Every second Tuesday of the month at 6 PM at the Museum in Riverdale, MI. 

Lumberjack Park: Every first Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM at the Lumberjack Park.

Fred Meijer Heartland Trail: Every fourth Tuesday of the Month at 7 PM in Stanton, MI.

County Offices and Phone Numbers 

Animal Shelter: 989-875-2221
Circuit Judge: 989-875-5224
County Clerk: 989-875-5215
County Treasurer: 989-875-5220 
Commission on Aging: 989-875-5246
Dept. of Social Services: 989-875-5181
FIA Child Abuse-Neglect: 989-875-3914
District Court: 989-875-5240
District Court Probation: 989-463-5243
Drain Commissioner: 989-875-5207
EMS-Ambulance-Alma: 989-463-3222
Equalization Director: 989-875-5203
Friend of the Court: 989-875-5226
Gratiot Branch of Mid-Mich. Health Dept.: 989-875-2400
Health Department Family Planning: 989-875-2607
Health Department WIC Program: 989-875-2909
Juvenile Office: 989-875-5222
Parole Probation Office: 989-875-5229
Permit Office: 989-875-5231
Probate Judge: 989-875-5231
Prosecuting Attorney: 989-875-5236
Register of Deeds: 989-875-5217
Road Commission: 989-875-3811
Veterans Affairs: 989-875-5258

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