Seville Township Library

Credit Card Policy

PayPal Policy

I. Purpose

The PayPal policy establishes rules and procedures for accepting payment from credit cards using PayPal, Inc. Online payments are processed by PayPal and may be made using credit/debit cards or a PayPal account. PayPal is hosted externally from the Seville Township Library so be advised that payments made through a PayPal account may be governed by a separate privacy policy established by PayPal.

II. Guidelines

Patrons and donors may use PayPal either by swiping their credit/debit card in the Library, or using the PayPal function in the Library's online catalog, to pay for overdue fines, copies, lost items, etc. or to make donations. Payment through PayPal is set up through the Library's PayPal account. PayPal will issue a check for a fee of $1.50. Each month, the Library will have PayPal issue a check and the Seville Township Library Director or the Seville Township Treasurer will receipt the funds into the Library's general fund.